Franco-kids Classes

French is a part of your Child’s life? Prepare with us his cross-cultural future!

Our Franco-Kids program specifically addresses the children of French expats who speak French at home as a second language of communication. It aims at promoting the use of the French language by children attending local schools as well as those who went to a French school in a recent past.

The objectives of our courses are to maintain the necessary scholastic knowledge and savoir-faire necessary to join the French education system and to support French language as a medium of cognitive growth and personal development for genuine cross-cultural children.

From preschool to elementary levels, children are taught by qualified French teachers who will help them to control gradually the main steps of oral and written language acquisition through observation, reflection, and the pleasure of learning.

Franco-kids 1 – 4 to 5 years old – Preschool level

Through funny and playful activities similar to those offered in a French preschool, children with a listening comprehension near that of a native child will get familiar to interact in French, develop speech complexity and build a solid basis in French language through various themes and supports like games, albums and videos.

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Franco-kids 2 – 6 to 7 years old – Preparatory Class (First Grade)

In this class, children will develop their reading and writing skills in French while growing their vocabulary. They will specifically learn how to use proper sentence structures, ask questions correctly, and clearly report events or simple information. The program is based on some elements from the official curriculum of a French CP.

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Franco-kids 3 – 7 to 8 years old – Elementary Class 1 (Second Grade)

Children work on listening and reading comprehension and summary of stories, dictation, reading, writing, French grammar. They enrich their vocabulary through stimulating activities. Learning relies on the observation and discovery of how the language works. The program is based on some elements from the official curriculum of a French CE1.

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Franco-kids 4 – 8 to 9 years old – Elementary Class 2 (Third Grade)

Work in class focuses on reading comprehension and writing short texts together with strengthening grammar and spelling and children will learn to express themselves on other themes that everyday life. Teachers will also work on specific pedagogical projects. The program is based on some elements from the official curriculum of a French CE2.
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