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Alliance française missions include the promotion of the Chinese language and culture. As such, we propose a basic course in conversational Mandarin made up of lively and interactive Mandarin lessons that effectively develop your conversational skills, be it for work or social communication, anywhere, anytime!

Scenario-based activities are intricately woven into each lesson unit to provide you with ample opportunities to explore, develop and consolidate your Mandarin speaking skills. Learn how to initiate questions, respond to enquiries, make suggestions, etc.

In essence, this is a comprehensive Conversational Mandarin training program that jump-starts beginners and offers sufficient challenge for learners with some foundation to test their speaking skills and develop speech fluency as well as speaking confidence.

In a small group, you will learn all what you need to know for your everyday life in China, including some basic characters that you may need to order food or find your way. The course also includes an insight in Chinese culture. Private tuition is also available.

The course is taught by our expert Chinese teacher, who speaks both French and English and has over 10 years of experience in teaching foreign languages.

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Small group (maximum 8 people)
Level 1 (beginners):
Days: weekdays
Time: 6.30 to 8.30 pm
Frequency: 2 hrs twice a week (60 hrs)
15 weeks
4200 RMB