Placement Test

Why should you take the test ?

You already speak some French? Congratulations !

Free placement tests are required for new students with ANY prior experience in French at any institution. They help us to place you in the right course in order to maximise your learning experience.

You may also like to test your level in French before taking an exam or choose the right level you should go for.

If you are a complete beginner, you don't have to take the test. You can register directly online or by contacting our front desk by mail at, by phone at 571-8808-2526 or by WeChat at 151-6837-4537.


Our Placement steps

Take a written test at Alliance française

Our written test consists of multiple-choice grammar and vocabulary questions as well as a short essay to test your writing skills. You will need about 45 min to complete it.

Meet our pedagogical Consultant

Our Consultant evaluates your listening and speaking skills during a free 15 min interview. This is the opportunity to tell him/her about your learning goals.

Choose your course

With the help of our pedagogical Consultant, choose the course that fits your skills and your schedule. Whether you want to take general French courses or focus on specific skills or objectives, you will find the course that works for you.