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Have your level of French recognized!

International examinations in languages take an important place in student's curricula. Get your level recognized by international standards at Alliance Française Hangzhou, the only official center of French Exams and Diplomas in the city.

DELF certification may qualify for credits under various educative systems in the world, like in Canada, in BC. See for example the British Columbia Ministry of Education External Credentials Program (type keyword: Delf). This means that passing the DELF grants you or your children extra chances for entering the best Universities in a series of countries.

TCF-TEF tests allows you to justify your level of French with a view to enroll in a French university or migrate to Quebec or Canada.

Click here to see how long it takes according to Alliance française Hangzhou's regular course pace to get ready for the level you wish to attain and successfully pass a French Official Exam or Test.

The DELF and the DALF examinations will be organized at Alliance Française Hangzhou as from March 2021. They are widely recognized lifelong diplomas based on the levels of the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR).

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TCF and TEF are language evaluation tests that provide a snapshot analysis of a candidate’s level of proficiency. They are valid for two years from taking the test. We provide workshops to get prepared to these exams organized by Campus France Chine.

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For purposes of immigration or studies in Quebec or Canada, we offer TCF-Q, TEFAQ & TEF Canada testing services. These tests provide a snapshot of your level of proficiency that meets the standards of the Quebecoise and Canadian Ministry of Immigration.

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