Ongoing Training

Enhance your teaching skills with ongoing training!

Modern French language teachers are some of the most passionate, enthusiastic and sharing of teachers there are, and we all know that an inspiring and informed teacher is the most important factor influencing student achievement.

Ongoing professional development is a necessary ingredient to support innovative and beneficial teaching by keeping teachers up-to-date on emerging technology tools for the classroom, new resources, and teaching practices that bring a positive impact on language learning.

Discover the many ongoing professional development programs that can help you innovate in the classroom, improve your student's outcomes and keep you at the top of your game.

Classroom training

Institut français training workshops

The General Consulate of France in Shanghai organizes in partnership with Alliance française Hangzhou ongoing training workshops addressing a variety of practical subjects related to innovative teaching techniques. These training sessions address teachers employed by public universities and colleges of Zhejiang province and teachers of the Alliance française network in China. For further information contact the academic cooperation department of the Consulate.

Last training session took place on 2021, May 22-23 and was animated by Nicolas Piaia, Alliance Française Hangzhou's pedagogical advisor, also designer of Instant fle website. The course was about how to stimulate the oral abilities of students. Feedback from teachers on this training session has been excellent with teachers reporting great engagement and motivation.


Summer Universities in France

Some French universities and French Alliances propose ongoing training sessions in France, dedicated to teachers of French as a foreign language. They usually take place in July. The most well-known training centers are BELC, with trainings organized by France Education International (FEI) on the campus of Nantes University, CAVILAM in Vichy, Alliance française de Paris and CUEF (Centre Universitaire d’Etudes Françaises) in Grenoble.

Online training


PROFLE+ online continuous learning system is intended for teachers of the French language who wish to enhance their pedagogical skills through 4 training modules with a total duration time of 160 hours. It includes a free discovery module (6 hours) and a tutored training program that can be spread out over 1 to 4 months. This program has been designed by France Education International (FEI) in partnership with the French National Center of Distance Learning studies (CNED). A training certificate is awarded to participants. Click the link for more information about PROFLE+.


Twice a year, CAVILAM, Vichy Alliance française, proposes a free teacher training MOOC which consists in four e-learning modules allowing you to learn about current language teaching techniques. You will find there lots of insightful and practical ideas to use in the classroom. Two training pathways are proposed: « discovery pathway » and « advanced pathway ». Each pathway takes 4 weeks to complete, allowing for 3 to 5 hours per week of individual training. Certificates of training attendance and/or training achievement are awarded so that you may built upon your learning pathways. Click here to start training.