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Thinking of learning French, but busy or far away?

Studying online is a convenient way either to start learning or to practice a language. With online interactive video you can now have a teacher right in your office or your living room! Don’t let distance stop you learning French.

The fully online course includes live sessions on ZHUMU which allow speaking, listening, and interacting with teachers and fellow students. The platform also allows for performing writing and grammatical activities.

New students will be given a short assessment of their current level to ensure that they are assigned to an appropriate group. Click here for more information about this test. For beginners, there is no need for an assessment.  

We propose both online groups and private tuition packages. With online private tuition, you can also opt for blended learning by mixing classroom tuition and online tuition. 

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Wondering how an online course works?

Join us for a FREE trial class via Zhumu, so you can get a feel for what it's like to take a course online!

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