Initial Training

Become a graduated French as a Foreign Language Teacher!

There are many ways to graduate as a French as a Foreign Language teacher. From highly demanding master’s degree to shorter professional training programs, you will find the training course that suits you best.

Most of the time, your studies can be taken as online program and Alliance Française Hangzhou can be set as your accredited examination center upon request.

FFL Master’s degree

Several French universities propose homeschooling FFL master’s degree programs with either professional or research objectives. The degree takes two years to prepare, with 350 hours training per year accounting for 60 university credits (ECTS).

To start these studies, you must have a bachelor’s degree in human sciences and Level B2 in French. Click the link to access the directory of FFL Master’s programs.

DUFLE university degree

This diploma supplements a bachelor’s degree in human sciences in order to be allowed to register for Master 1 studies. A minimum level of B2 in French is required. Grenoble Alpes University proposes this training program in partnership with the French National Center of Distance Learning studies (CNED). Exams can be taken in accredited centers in China. Click the link for more information.

DUFLE training is also proposed to Chinese students and teachers by the French Embassy in China in partnership with the University of Maine. The training takes place in Beijing and breaks into two sessions, in October and during Chinese New Year holiday. Exams take place in July. Selection of candidates is based upon application file and interview in June. For further information, please contact

DAEFLE professional degree

This professional private homeschooling program is proposed by Alliance française Paris in partnership with the French National Center of Distance Learning studies (CNED). Training contents are classroom practice oriented and include online coaching. No university degree is necessary to subscribe to this program but admission is subject to a French language skills evaluation test.

The complete training lasts 480 hours over 10 months and two sessions are organized per year. It can also be subscribed as separate modules for continued training. Final examination can be taken at Alliance française Hangzhou. Click here for more information.