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Grow your business with French Corporate classes

The French language has got the History, the Future and the number!

Businesses that set up French classes for their employees are gaining not only a competitive edge in Francophone markets, but also enhance their business and travel experiences in French-speaking countries, improving their communication with customers and colleagues and fostering team building within the company.

Globally significant, widely used, and one of the most useful languages in the world, there’s never been a better time to give your business a bit of French. Some large companies have already benefited from the teaching expertise of Alliance Française in order to enhance their job and business prospect overseas.

Our teaching method focuses on giving an immediate proficiency through real-life communication situations and cultural training is offered in addition to language instruction.

Tuition can be held in your company or at our school and we come to your place to assess staff wanting French, discuss course objectives, and advise on forming groups. We work within your budget and instruction is tailored to meet your goals and scheduling.

For more information and to talk about your needs, please contact our course manager: - Phone: 158-6822-5278.

Why you should invest in the French language?

French was the common international language for business and diplomacy and is an official language of the UNO, NATO, World Trade Organization and the International Olympic Committee. Spoken in 77 countries and the official language of 44 countries, including countries accounting for 20% of world trade in goods, it is one of the world’s most shared official languages, giving it a real scope.

Businesses worldwide are using French, from pharmaceuticals to all sorts of marketing disciplines and French has now overtaken the German language as the most important language for trade. France is also famous for its cultural disciplines, including fashion, cooking, architecture and art, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a creative niche that the French haven’t excelled in.

French is a major language of the internet. It is the 5th most popularly used language online. France has an internet penetration rate of 92.3% and is the world’s 7th largest e-commerce market, not forgetting the importance of the rest of the Francophone world. As people tend to read and consume in their own language, they will be more likely to buy your products if advertized in French.

France is the most visited country in the world. Steeped in Culture and History, France owns around 30 sites on Unesco’s World Heritage list and is 4th on the global ranking list. The French language is thus a real asset for tourist-centric companies. The geographical position of France, bordering 6 countries and 5 seas, makes it ideally suited for international trade and tourist accessibility.

Pick-up French and join a truly global community! 

French is present on all continents, with 276 million speakers across the world, among which 212 million daily users. They can be found in 102 territories in the world, among which 54.7% in Africa.

It’s also Europe’s second most widely spoken mother tongue and the French language is widely used in Canada.

The French speaking global population is growing rapidly and may reach 750 million people by 2050, overtaking both English and Mandarin.

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